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Dependable Land Clearing in San Antonio, TX

Take a piece of land and transform it into a property ready for development with the help of Agnew Construction Co. We bring more than ten years of land development experience to offer complete excavation services. Before you sell your existing property, contact us for more information about how land clearing in San Antonio, TX, can raise its value.

Land Available for New Construction Bulldozers at Work Clearing Land Land Excavation in San Antonio, TX

Making Land Ready for Use

Trust our team whether you are planning new construction or a need a location for your manufactured homes. If you require land cleared for a fence line along your property for agriculture or some other use, we can handle it. This type of work involves heavy machinery such as bulldozers such as ours, not just small tractors.

Our property clearing services include tree and stump removal, brush hauling and mulching, along with other types of earthmoving for roadway and access easements. Demolition is also available to remove structures.

Projects we clear land for include:

  • Roads
  • Lakes
  • Accesses
  • Ponds
  • Drainage Ditches
  • Stock Tanks


If you need a water feature on your property, like a pond, or you are a cattle rancher who wants a stock tank, trust us to take care of it quickly with our excavating and back-filling services. If it involves digging into the dirt, we can do it.

Junk Ready for Removal More Junk Being Cleared Cleared Land

Junk Removal

Have you got stuff you need to get rid of? Agnew Construction Co. can make it disappear. We clear off your debris and dump it for you. 

Our Skills Meet Your Needs

The rumble of heavy equipment is a sign of progress. It means that things are being constructed and developed. If you are part of this process of transformation and need land clearing in San Antonio, TX, then our company is ready to be your professional partner along the way.

Our combination of experience and skills allow us to take your plans and visions of shaping the landscape and bring them into reality. We can clear any piece of land you have in mind to your specifications. If you are looking for straightforward land excavation, or a finely detailed leveling and grading of the area, we are equipped and ready to go.

Clean and Green Service 

It’s funny how without realizing it you can accumulate unwanted materials. It could be something as simple as construction debris which outmatches expectations or items that have outlived their usefulness and been stored and forgotten. 

No matter what situation you find yourself in, the solution that is easy on the environment and your property is to have that material efficiently taken away to be disposed of properly. Our junk removal services are handy and helpful.

Contact us to book our services today. We are proud to serve customers across Texas from our location in San Antonio.